Venue Owners

Key Points 

1.    Provides a world class venue management system for all venue owners for free. 

2.    Maximises your venue's potential by reducing blind marketing efforts. 

3.    Makes the venue owner the master of his/her own deal. 

4.    Has an app available on Android & iOS Platforms. 

5.    Is the first such solution in the world that is tailored exclusively for venues. 

6.    Gives you detailed statistics on your guests and deals enabling you to gauge the popularity of the specific deal based on demographics. 

7.    Will reach potential customers around the globe, even when most owners/sales directors are asleep or on a holiday retreat. 

8.    Will help you sell your last available table or even your last available venue space to ensure the highest level of occupancy. 


To Get Activated 

1.    Go to & register as a venue owner TODAY! 

2.    Provide us with your venue details & specifications as required including pictures. 

3.    Create up to 15 deals per venue based on the preferred or recommended no. of pax for the deal that is uniquely ours. 

4.    Provide us with a minimum booking fee for each deal created and as such this amount should be deducted from the customers final bill which is paid directly at the venue. 

5.    Wait for our confirmation & validation within 24 hours or the next business day. 


Managing Your Venue 

1.    Download our mobile app and make your venue management that much easier. 

2.    Our free venue management system streamlines your management activities and updates all employees on availability and reservations at their fingertips. 

3.    The management system also helps you determine the availability of your venue/deals. 

4.    Our monthly reports would help you evaluate your venue's market share and performance of individual deals. 

5.    You can now update, cancel or replace a deal anytime or anywhere according to your preference. 

6.    All up-selling and further additions to the customer's final bill is yours to enjoy! We don't take anything apart from the minimum booking fee per deal. 

7.    Our search results will always highlight the best deals based on its value and minimum spend, the best reviews and the booking fee. Its that simple.