Refund Policy


1.   The Third Party Provider is the seller of the Goods and/or Services promoted on the website and is solely responsible for                     redeeming any Goods and/or Services you purchase. We act as an agent for the Third Party Provider in the sale and purchase of         Goods and/or Services in a Deal and receive a commission from the Third Party Provider for facilitating the Deal.

2.   All bookings are subject to availability.

3.   Payment for the booking fee will be charged to your nominated debit/credit card by us following confirmation of the Deal. A credit        card fee of 3% will apply to transactions made using a credit card. All transactions are billed in your local currency.

4.   The voucher you are provided through us is only redeemable in respect of the Goods and/ or Services as advertised in the                   specific deal on the Website and will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Third Party Provider whether or not these are           displayed on the website.

5.   The voucher you are provided through us will have a unique identification code and can only be redeemed once by the holder of           the voucher. Once the voucher has been redeemed it is no longer valid.

6.   The voucher is your sole responsibility. Neither we nor the Third Party Provider will be responsible for damaged, lost or stolen               vouchers.

7.   Vouchers cannot be combined with any other offers, coupons, or promotions, unless otherwise specified by the Third Party                   Provider.

8.    All vouchers will expire on the date specified on the voucher.

9.    The use of vouchers for alcoholic beverages is at the sole discretion of the Third Party Provider and is subject to compliance with         applicable law.

10.  The reproduction, sale or trade of any voucher is prohibited unless authorised by the Third Party Provider or otherwise done so            in compliance with the law.

11.  Any attempted redemption not consistent with these Terms will render the voucher null and void.

12.  The voucher you are provided through us is not permitted for resale.

13.  We will endeavor to correct errors and omissions on the website or elsewhere, and take appropriate action as soon as                         practicable after being notified of them. Neither we nor the supplier are under any obligation to honour bookings for Products                 where there is a pricing error, even if you have received a confirmation email. In these circumstances, we reserve the right to               correct any pricing errors on the website and to either offer you the opportunity to keep your booking at the correct price or                   cancel your booking without liability.

14. Cancellation or changes are subject to availability, limitation and restrictions of the relevant Third Party Provider.

15. In the case the booking fee is refundable, refund timelines may wary and are based on the type of reservation you make.

16. Your booking fee cannot be refunded as cash but will be credited back to your wallet account and you will be able to re-use the             credit amount for future bookings on our site.

17. Any GVD promotions, coupons, or fee waivers may be discontinued or modified at any time.